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In an effort to reduce the homeless, neglected, injured, and abused canine population in central FL, Metta Rescue Family aims to keep pets in their loving homes. Below is a list of local resources available to pet owners that will hopefully prove useful and ultimately prevent owners from having to surrender their loved pets for the most common reasons; including behavioral, medical, and financial issues.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter, Vaccines, Microchips, Etc
  • A list of local Low-Cost Clinics

  • Why it is Important to Spay/Neuter

  • Why Heartworm Preventative is Important and Low-Cost Options

  • Low-Cost Clinics National Database

Veterinary Care Financial Assistance


We see many families having to make the difficult decision to give up a pet because they can't afford the pet's medical needs. This is a list of organizations who provide financial assistance and a few other financial resources.


Training Resources


Behavioral issues is a top reason pets are surrendered to shelters or re-homed. Here is a list of local force-free trainers, as well as low-cost/no-cost training options. We've also included a database to search for a trainer nationwide.


Safe Escape from Domestic Violence

Nationwide database for on-site housing, off-site housing, and community programs for people and pets who need a safe escape from domestic violence.

What to Do if You Find a Dog

You've found a dog. Now what?




Ani-Meals on Wheels

Special express delivery of pet food directly to the homes of needy animals living with senior citizens ensures that no loved and cared-for animal goes hungry. 

Housing Resources

Nationwide database of rental properties that accepts all breeds of dogs: and a list of insurance providers who do not discriminate by breed:


Pets of the Homeless

National animal organization focused completely on feeding and providing emergency veterinary care to pets of the homeless.


Thinking About Re-homing or Surrendering Your Dog?

Let's go over some resources available that might help you keep your dog. Do you still need to re-home your dog? There are programs to help you do that safely.

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