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Friends of METTA Application


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Are you needing to re-home your dog? METTA Rescue Family is not currently accepting surrendered dogs. Instead we'd like to help you re-home your dog with our Friends of METTA Program. How does it work?

Complete the Friends of METTA application. You will need to provide proof that your dog is up-to-date on vaccines and has been spayed/neutered.

You continue to provide a loving home for your dog while:

  • We courtesy post your dog on our social media

  • We help you screen potential adopters in order to help find a new safe and loving home for your dog, including a home check and collecting the adoption donation (which you may keep or donate to the rescue) 

  • You are welcome to bring your dog to METTAadoption events

You will continue to be the legal guardian of your dog and will continue to provide a safe and loving home for your dog. You will provide photos of your dog that METTA Rescue Family can post on our various social media accounts. You will continue to be responsible and provide all medical treatments, medication, food, etc for your dog. You will allow METTA Rescue Family to screen potential adopters for your dog. You are welcome to bring your people-friendly and dog-friendly dogs to METTA Rescue Family adoption events. You will be responsible for bringing and supervising your dog at all events.

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