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What is Our Foster-to-Adopt Program?

In general, fostering for METTA means taking in a homeless, neglected, or abused dog with the goal of nurturing them until they can be placed to a permanent home with a family who'll love them forever. Like fostering, those who take part in our foster-to-adopt program, will nurture and love the dog just the same but they are committed to adopting the dog once he/she is healthy and ready for adoption. Upon spay/neuter and veterinarian clearance, the adoption will be finalized.

What is the difference between fostering and foster-to-adopt?

When fostering, METTA pays for all medical and necessities needed for the dog. In foster-to-adopt situations, METTA still covers all current medical costs until the adoption is finalized. However, the family provides the necessities and supplies needed to care for the dog throughout the foster-to-adopt process and beyond. This includes food, collar/leash, tag, crate, monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventatives, toys, treats, bed, etc.

Why can’t I just adopt?

Our goal is to get our dogs into their forever homes as soon as possible by minimizing the time in which they are in foster homes. To achieve this, we use the foster-to-adopt program so these dogs can remain under the METTA umbrella, receiving the medical care they need, while creating a bond with their new forever family. METTA will only adopt out dogs/puppies that are fully vetted, including being spayed/neutered. This policy is in place to ensure our dogs the very best start to their new lives.

What is the Foster-To-Adopt approval process?

The process is the same as all other adoptions. Please read more about our adoption process  below.

Will other people be able to adopt my foster-to-adopt dog?

No! The foster-to-adopt program is like any other adoption. The approval process has already been completed and contracts will be signed. At that time, the dog will no longer be available for adoption to anyone else. METTA will continue to post updates on our social media pages about the dog’s progress but will also state that the dog is in their foster-to-adopt home.  

Our Adoption Process

If interested in fostering-to-adopt one of our amazing METTA dogs, please fill out the screening form below. Adopters must live in FL and be at least 21 years of age. We require a a home check, reference verification, and a meet and greet with all family members (including pets). Adoption donations are $100 for adult dogs and $200 for puppies (under 1 year old). Dogs are officially ready for adoption once they are spayed/neutered, have medical clearance, preliminary vaccinations, and a registered microchip.(Please Note: If you have not heard back from us after 5 days, please be sure to check your Junk/Spam Folder for our response).

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