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Foster Screening Form

Are you at least 21 years of age?*

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Applicant Full Name*

Cell Phone*

Home Phone*

Email Address*

Home Address*

Number of adults in household/Ages*

Co-applicant Information (if applicable)

Number of children in household/Ages*

Type of Residence*

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Own or Rent*

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If Rent - Landlord's Name

If Rent - Landlord's phone number

Homeowner's Association*

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Homeowner's Association Pet Restrictions*

Fenced in Yard?*

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If you do not have a fenced in yard, are you willing to walk the dog on a leash several times a day?

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Does your residence have a pool?*

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Personal Reference #1 Name and Phone Number*

Personal Reference #2 Name and Phone Number*


How many hours a day will your pet be home alone?*

If you currently have pets, please list information below for each.*

Ever given away or surrendered a pet to a shelter? If so, what were the circumstances?*

Ever had to euthanize a pet? If so, what were the cirumstances?*

Current Veterinarian's Clinic Name, Doctor, Phone, and Address*

Are your current pets up-to-date on vaccines, heartworm prevenative, and flea prevention? *

I would be interested in fostering (check all that apply)*

Is there a specific dog you are interested in fostering? If so, which one?*

What energy level would work best with your lifestyle?*

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Who in the household will be the dog's primary care giver?*

Where will your foster dog sleep?*

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How would you describe your level of experience with dogs?*

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Have you fostered/adopted before? If so, for which organization(s)?*

Are you currently fostering for another organization? If so, which one(s)?*

Are you able to provide dog food for your foster dog?*

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If so, which brand of dog food do you plan to feed your foster dog?*

Would you be able to attend at least one adoption event each month in the central FL area?*

Select an option

What days/times are best for you to attend?*

Do you have someone who can care for your foster dog if you go on vacation? If so, who?*

How would you correct your foster dog if it showed destructive or inappropriate behavior?*

Would you be willing to work with the dog and a trainer or experienced volunteer if needed?*

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Would you be willing to foster a dog with medical issues needing additional care?*

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Would you be able and willing to transport your foster dog to and from vet appointments?*

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Do you have an area to keep your foster dog separate from other animals if necessary?*

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If approved, how long are you able to commit to fostering?*

How soon are you wanting to foster?*

Any upcoming commitments that would prevent you from fostering? Such as travel, events, etc*

Thank you so much for your interest in fostering for METTA Rescue Family! Please fill out the information below and we will be in contact with you soon!

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